We love to see when one of our Licensors, Lee a brand of Kontoor Brands, partners with another denim brand, Diesel to deliver a powerful message of cooperation between competitors in the denim world.

The campaign brings a storytelling message around “unifying power of denim”, with everyone owning a pair, it’s seen as something everyone has in common beyond all differences.

The product: One half Diesel, one half Lee, the jeans are either Diesel denim on the front and Lee on the back or vice versa. 150 pieces are now available exclusively on Diesel.com, with the full collection launching in March 2024 on both brands’ websites.

With the key message of overproduction, raising awareness in the fashion world.

We can’t wait to see the final products in March 2024, and see what else these 2 denim powerhouses get up to in the year to come …