Last Friday marked #InternationalWomensDay2024; an important day of awareness, history and culture in the women’s movement.

This year’s theme; ‘Invest In Women: Accelerate Progress’, highlights that achieving gender equality is more important than ever, with a severe lack of funding for women and the development of inclusive societies.

Today, we honour the women who paved the way and the trailblazers who carry the torch forward. It’s a celebration of empowerment, diversity, and collective strength. We champion their achievements, and work together for a world where every woman can thrive. 

We recognize the invaluable contributions of women who lead, innovate, and drive success in our industry. As a company with a 66% female workforce, we want to celebrate with just a few women who make Powerplay Brands what it is today – pictured below.

Let’s leverage this International Women’s Day to highlight and celebrate the achievements of women, and foster a culture of empowerment and inclusivity. And to the women at Powerplay; Thank you for everything you all do for the business; today and everyday.